Sunday, July 31, 2011

Focus focus...

If you say I did nothing at all for the past few days where I had my life for free finally..its not true. But if you ask me if I feel like I had accomplished anything, not really. There is things I want to do, and now realized, they are in so many direction. I want to focus yet things and inspirations pulls me apart. Sigh.

I feel like I have been rambling a lot these days.. haha.

Anyways, a lifedrawing painting..that is...okeeeey. Better then my first so, (this is second ever..O,,O) I mean those 4 hours sit down sessions with acrylics. There is so much more to learn and I am hyped up for it!!Especially seeing actually how ugly this looks looked better then you know..I paint what I see, or at least that's what I thought, but that is not all I need=D There is sooo much more to learn!! I need to think more..maybe I will paint slower next time.........>..>..Ohoh and Sheridan's saturday life paintings must gooo +___+

If I want to study light maybe I should stick with more...well..less impressionistic colors(not that this is..) but tone it down a bit? hm...maybe black and white next time. (But I love colors soo much.D:!)

First things first. Lets try sleeping at 11 and waking up at 7 no?;D
Gotta study drawing..and work on my book illustration commission. and I also want to try to think of a film idea..which I can never do..!!Gah!!!!


  1. wow life painting!!! mind if I ask where it's being held?? i feel that my traditional painting abilities are slipping away from not painting during the summer LOL

    I'm going to try to go to Sheridan weekend life painting too! see you there? haha

  2. WOAH they have life painting at sheridan on saturdays??? When and where???? TTATT;;

    Painting doesn't look half bad, I know I can't even paint with acrylics haha. (haven't touched them for YEARS)

  3. nono..xD its friday nights at TSA 6-10^-^ 12$~
    sometimes they have one week poses sometimes 4 hr or 8..lala..
    I think there are some other sessions with long poses I am not sure. I think Sunday afternoon..

  4. oh wait during school yes they have lifepaintings apparently i dont even know about saturdays,.somewhere..lolxD

  5. nice painting! it's good that you realize something serious about your life :) keep it up Elaine!