Thursday, July 14, 2011

A little part of Italy

Long story short..this is only a small segment of resulting work from this awesome Italy trip we had for the summer. Yes, I am spoiling it for those of you who is going to see this in our presentations..Orz..Yes, its part of our course's final assignment. To anything we want and this is what I choose to do.

I would post you my whole proposal, but that would be too much. Let's just say, its inspired by Sandra Tomboloni and the awesome Giorgio Morandi and as practices for myself.
Which really didn't turn out to be too much of practice seeing how small they are, 2x3 inches approx. So small it was..really hard to paint....

Anyhow, here are the photos that hopefully will explain themselves.

And my small crowded area. with acrylic as you see=)

You can see the table on in the first picture..and my..'sofa'.(lol, my lil bros)

now,time for me to get some proper sleep.

I shall upload more proper true italian stuff later..later

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