Saturday, July 9, 2011

Subway fun 1

This is probably will be the laziest comic you will ever read.
Forgive me I cant draw.

but tell me if you get it?

Now I wish I had drawn the man..but, it was really a funny moment. he't remember his face no more.

PS: by the way. is it just me or I am seeing more people men wearing shirts like these:

and they looks really.......weird to me.D: I am sorry if I am offending anyone...

PSS:sorry if this wasn't the update you were looking for lol


  1. LOL oh elaine! that was kind of nice of him i guess :|
    and WHAT i have not seen anyone in a shirt like THAT! hahaha

  2. Yeah theres this big muscle guy that works out at the Sheridan gym that wears those, nipples hanging out and all. I really want to tell him to put a shirt on but Im afraid he will squash and/or eat me.

  3. LOL Dan.XD No, we don't want a flat dan next year.

    @Seema, yes, he was very veryy nice haha.
    and those shirts..just reminded me, looks like one of the vests I don't wear it with nothing inside.D: