Sunday, March 27, 2011

All those animals

I wanted my full page of birds!!.D: I need moree
Likelike..I wanted a wholllle page of them. There wasn't as many birds as I remembered..nor did I have time to capture more of their beauty. And I sort of went too slow with them and not like how I originally wanted them to be, more loose and quick..but anyhow.

Here is another bird in another style for I didn't quite draw it from staring at it..awkward pose I know=P

The polar bear is back=D I would animate this if I could. It was walking back and forth in those poses..they were really fun=)

They are animals? Yeah they are.o.o lol. Experiments experiments only..
Not the best life drawings for sure.

Now my official Zoo pages..not as proud of of course.
But they were fun too 8)

And last but not least..A random drawing of, you know.., from portfolio day.XD

Saturday, March 26, 2011

You are on your own.

Polar bear, you are on your own.haha<3 In your own little post.

I am still composting my other zoo drawings. ( soon I finshed this tablet malfunctions and have to restart.=__= zzZZ tommorowwww)

Anyways, I had fun both days at zoo...lots..when it wasn't as pressured especially.And I had fun being sick these past few days having a 'break'?xD -sniffles- Sorry to those who I may have passed on my viruses.Cough.

There is still so much too learn about those technical things.bleh@_@ But..all is good

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beak Lip Sync

...way too long
was too lazy to find another dialogue that fit..but..made more work for myself and dont even like it><>< and animation is fun hehhe. probably not talking properly since hacnt slept since wednsday 10:45.....

zzzZzzZz OH.GO TO SCREENING tommorow guys:D;D

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Love for ducks

K it looked better on school's more contrasting screen=3= but I have worked on this long enough. Just curved it for my own laptop view sake.
From what I imagined to what I have come up with ..the difference is slightly less and better then the first painting. But still not what I have in my head. Though when has any painting turn out the way I exactly wanted it to be?...loads things to practice<3 I learned lots again. Thanks to Lee too.

PS: Sorry about the generic normally animated ducks that aint the best animation..but..first time trying to animate in Photoshop? I will color it one day..hopefully maybe..xD little flat ducklings shouldn't be hard to do

Lifedrawing sem2. portfolio1

missing a few...but i filtered through most of it..yay one of my ultimate batch again 8D
and dang it i woke up late=-=
-suppose to be at lifedrawing but i am here..T^T..i will go attend the later half now-

Friday, March 11, 2011

DarkDark Human lipsync

Really not proud of it.but here it is anyways to keep records=D
And note to self to do better next time!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Theme Character Design

This project did take longer then it should. Mostly due to both portfolio week and 24hour film..and me really trying to figure out how to draw distinctive face. And still havn't figured that one out yet.
But I enjoyed the project overall=D Time periods are espicially fun to study and shall do more of this. Can be very very useful

I tried to do more o f a graphic style this time..I just hope it doesnt fall too much under 'no structure and no style' lol. I wish the lines are even thicker but..oh well, my hands are starting to hurt.

Oh and go to the screening guys, for our beloved and almost died making 24hour film! Next friday!