Friday, December 30, 2011

Seems like an update was needed...

A lot of it is old..even for the end of semester portfolio, it had been so busy that alot of pieces came form the previous update, and I didn't even bother updating here...and..etc.etc..

I had done things that is not posted here but nonetheless..looking at these I know I still need to do alot more things I intended to do this winter break. A week left!

Studies from Julie and Julia
I simply enjoyed the colors of the movie. Really rushed a few of them..sorry to the screen captures=(

Study from today..

Only a few that I am still kind of proud of right now..
Nothing I would have updated on blog for if it wasn't end of 2011 already...and that I havn't updated in a while it seems.
Hopefully I can come up with something better tomorrow (today)..if not.

Happy new years guys=)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I call this an experimental study

yep..In many ways this is a failure. But it is one of the paintings I learned most out of, and enjoyed it alot..well just to be painting..xD. Though there is still much to fix and things still seem to be not right. And that this is not really a way I'd like to paint at all..xD but anyways..going to composite it for Tony this friday now anyhow.

I will fix it during winter break the best way I please help me critic=) Thank you soo much! Any little or big things.

Friday, November 18, 2011

It's all life....

Compared to what I have seen others have done so far...need so much more practice. Especially horses! Though I did not stay there long enough, had too much fun coloring colorful sheep. This was done afterwards, however I had a lot of fun with it. As well as this random thing haha:

Recent gouache painting as well as life acrylics and oil painting has really made me want to paint thick again. Something about applying those paint makes me happy. something can't be felt painting digitally.

Though the inspirational books Tim brought in today didn't help on changing my mind on switching up gears and switching from watercolor to something else....

In the order of attempts, none I'd really consider half successful yet. Maybe if I want to get to the stage that I would like to with these would require more then just 3 hours..but still..I think I keep on going at it!

Does anyone remember the names of some of those artists Tim brought book s of today? Other then Andrew Wyeth...and..ahh.D: or any inspirational watercolor artists.

Now..I should go sleep. But this is what I planned to do today even though not this late=( but cant help but keep to plans!!>: Last bit some more life drawing stuff=)

Done on tracing paper...half of them old wrinkly one too, haha.

And after being allowed to use nupastels opened up such wide variety of options and fun explorations and effects! Though probably should still draw myself back a little and don't forget the anatomy..don't have too much fun...teehee...

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I am pretty sure I am charged by sun.

or music

i also want to stay home more for this. nownow...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

AA Concept Art

Not the best works...but really had fun with it=)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lifedrawings again

So the simple character designs I drew..referencing poses from lifedrawing. If only I first seen how amazing my fellow classmates has made theirs..I'd have put more efforts..xD

Life painting from school and TSA sessions. 3 hours each.
Still need to go back to the value studies even though the color today was so much fun.

Last bits... just some life drawings for the first 5 week of school=D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gotta pick up my pace..

Haven't updated in a while..but whatever I have been doing doesn't seem to be worth showing. But I have been enjoying them all. First is the first book I have ever illustrated for, pretty much wrapped up now and would show once they get printed and I get a copy=D really thinking up story ideas all these two weeks. Occasionally drawing for myself and doodling and reading..all seems too relaxing. o_o Even though I haven't got any clue for my fourth year film yet like many others it seems...I will deal with what's in front of me first. All the projects seems exciting..and I can't wait to get started..Have slowly started more drawing, pre-production stuff right now....though....ahhh..need to pick up my speed and produce some decent work!! Not at where I want for myself at this point of time yet..............><

Out of the blue attempt at speedpainting haha...

Still from the movie The Duelist as mentioned by Scott it was beautiful

One of the few postcards I did this summer and sent out

Anyways, really satisfied with my apartment right now..and my schedule of waking up 6-7 sleeping 11-12...though don't know how long that will last.....
PS: haha our apartment updating timee..its in a row.XD <3

And I am quite content with the group chosen today=) Let's have a great year D1~