Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gotta pick up my pace..

Haven't updated in a while..but whatever I have been doing doesn't seem to be worth showing. But I have been enjoying them all. First is the first book I have ever illustrated for, pretty much wrapped up now and would show once they get printed and I get a copy=D really thinking up story ideas all these two weeks. Occasionally drawing for myself and doodling and reading..all seems too relaxing. o_o Even though I haven't got any clue for my fourth year film yet like many others it seems...I will deal with what's in front of me first. All the projects seems exciting..and I can't wait to get started..Have slowly started more drawing, pre-production stuff right now....though....ahhh..need to pick up my speed and produce some decent work!! Not at where I want for myself at this point of time yet..............><

Out of the blue attempt at speedpainting haha...

Still from the movie The Duelist as mentioned by Scott it was beautiful

One of the few postcards I did this summer and sent out

Anyways, really satisfied with my apartment right now..and my schedule of waking up 6-7 sleeping 11-12...though don't know how long that will last.....
PS: haha our apartment updating timee..its in a row.XD <3

And I am quite content with the group chosen today=) Let's have a great year D1~

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  1. cute! i love the postcard haha, the speed painting concept is very interesting too :)