Saturday, April 24, 2010

Painting Updates Three

I don't know why..but I feel like I have so much to say and so much to conclude when it comes to painting updates...I really enjoy every single one of them and i felt like I learned something. (except times when i lose faith or passion for the piece early in the morning every Wednesday morning with no sleep v_v) When I am more rich with time...painting will become much more enjoyable.

Now that I really think about it..normally I don't have a purpose to starting thinking of an environment to paint.o_o Other then projects obviously. In that sense, I think I still lack a passion for that or something..which career path am I really suited for I really don't know yet. But we will see. ( I can feel that I won't mind painting other people's layouts however.hmm..)

So first there was the first still life painting done in class.
The more I look at this now the more i like it..o_o I have to say partially is because how Maureen seem to have liked it more as well.xD Even though during the process I swear I literally stuffed it in my locker and just went wahtever done with it now. (proof: that big white string on the grape which is really a scratch...)

The two 2hours working on it in class it never really looked like anything..until later a days work on my own times. A process of working I should really remember and try to do for every other piece.

And this is a complete different lesson/process I should keep in mind to not learn from and ever do again. Seeing it so small and as a thumb..its not that bad..Especially the left bottle and its surroundings. And I blame also on the lighting and the thought of 'it is a still life painting' in my head. I really wish I could have went to the future and see all my classmates' paintings and how they played with compositions way more. But anyhow, most importantly, what i learned not to do is to paint objects one by one. I was literally painting every single color i see(which was alot) And was learning the texture through painting what i see of details first..but not really understanding the whole areas first and then putting down my patches of colors. And of course, working as a whole. Especially having been using acrylic paint for this one, I could have done that much more easily.

Master copy..easy and simple..experienced with painting with watery gouache. and also learned the beauty of the artworks of the Pinocchio concept art painter. Link However, onething I wished to learn and still havn't was how he painted the simple not so dramatic but still existent lighting and overall mood of everything without painting everything all together. Because working like this, watery but detailed...every object was almost having had to be painted one by one. only the very first few washes was in big shapes and general areas. But even that, the white areas had to be kept white. That must mean the artist would have know where everything was going to go first off the bat...hmm..I wonder. But then again, he/or she wasn't copying a piece.xD

A painting that I really am not proud of that I am not even gonna bother the first time scanning it had failed. What I really failed to do in the big and final one was capturing the lighting and pushing for contrast and depth. It was hard pushing for darks in the darks. I don't want to say this, but maybe using black would have helped me..but not really..stillll..sigh
Working as a whole was another thing. And my design was so simple to begin was, depth and lighting was especially important to make such a big painting appealing and more engaging.
Bad painting. Bad bad painting of ugly flat blueness.
(Except the heart. because I like bloody hearts?xD aha..wanted to do something scarier okey?)

Last little bit of this blog..

I fixed it really quickly..xD That lamp thing is gone now..that is all.xD

Last Lifedrawing portoflio

clearing all my lifedrawing pads..i realized how much and how little i have improved...but life drawing is so much fun=)
that is all i have to say so far..xD more fun next year! and see you all in Toronto School of Arts whoever that may go

First Year Sheridan-Flour Sack

the last assignment of the year...
I really did not much effort in this. i went straight through and without much going back and fixing timing
i know much of the character and animation could be i am not proud of this at all=(
i spent all my time with painting..v__v and i enjoyed that so..ya..
end of first year and so far i think i am leaning towards the direction of background painting and not as much animation..but. you never know..things change=)

it was a great years guys!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Natalie The Gharial

such a simple character she is...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Caricature I

My first official batch of serious caricature attempts. yes.very serious.
So serious that they have became portraits in the end..Orz
Its kinda sad how my first one is the least of them all that is close to portraits and one of by bests. I handed in the other one of Reina that is now with mark...but ya, here is ...(let s just guess their names xD)

PS: not that i never tried caricature before..but they were really just 2 second attempts..this time atleast it was 10 minutes just as failure attempts..D: one thing atleast is that they look like you guys?....

PS: edit
now that i really look at it..i really should have handed in Didi's...mark would totally have liked that more and maybe go on the wall...but ya.not a whole big deal nowxD

Cheetah Walk

Just keeping track of everything in the digital world..things don't get lost as easily that way.;D
I am kinda sad that I couldnt upload my last animation, the head turn. Mainly because of the format that I saved it in or is in avi but it just doesn't want to upload and be viewed in bloggers or ya.something is wrong..probably something to do with me saving it from after effects or something..or was it one of those longer webcams i used..i dont even know..xD;;;
if anyone could figure that out for me..hehe

cant wait for our next assignment=)or whenever i get everything else done first and get that started..flour sack abuse!!