Monday, December 21, 2009

Ball and tail=)

i see ya..v____v there it is

Friday, December 18, 2009

Semester 1 Paintings. Part I

I say part one just because there is that last assignment I just handed in=/
And I am always so lazy to scan my that I am back at home...time for major scanning...XD

Anyhow, my computer here has a weird color may be really weird..but it is weird scanned anyways.

Assignment 1...Just getting more familiar with gauche..and composition.
We were all quite overwhelmed by all the composition critiques she had I think.
Now that I look at is way too ..I dont know...following the rules?XD
...such as no aligning to center..having that leading the eye things..forground midground background....
or maybe its just those placement of all those rocks. And that I was really concerned with composition that..they seem to be in a grid right now.D:...anyways.I don't even know what I am talking about right now..xD

Lesson learned. Composition

Assignment 2...meh..didn't do well. I shouldn't have just loved that one little thumbnail I did and just went for it. Looking at everyone else's cloud paintings and that one night looking up at a beautiful shaped cloud and how it just looked like a painting...
I reall should have took more freedom=) That cloud was really beautiful...OH GOD..just remembered I was going to take a photo of that and i forgot.T-T

Eh..bad painting..Lesson?More mood mood mood...

Assignment 3...This was one of the first ideas I had in my sketchbook..and after a long cycle, this is still the one that I came back to, but more personalized and less vector..more organic..according to her=)
Yep, learning to put things in the paintings, create stories, break up vectors. Oh..and more importantly, to look at your painting again. Which was a lesson I did not learn in that fourth assignment=(
I made the same mistake again that last assignment, which happened here..which is, to have the forgound darker, and just push the distance and depth.

Oh well, I like it=) I am going to edit this digitally later when I got a better computer.

PS: is actually..just 4 paintings..not 5..just little paintings done, o__o it just felt like lots of


Painting is like the one class where we work the hardest for I think. Or atl east the class where more concentrated work time have have to be put in. Next to animation.
I really feel like I got worse and worse in my paintings..especially that last one just did not get any better=/ Even though I do feel I have learned different things in each of the paintings I did.

Next time...( we always say..), Next year, I shall try and put everything together. Or..simply just work harder. And remember to take second looks at my painting (making sure that will be when it is not due the next day), and not throw them aside as soon as I complete them. Well, common, who doesn't do that....after all nights of work?...Orz

Enjoy your holiday everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New year=)

PS:Yay 2010=D it is my year ;D the year with my name in it. ;D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Character Poses and Expressions

I am just getting more use to creating to characters? It is more enjoyable now, as in, takes me a slightly less time then before.XD
Compared to others, mine is so bad.D:
But just thought I'd update something.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Royal Winter Fair

first time ever..and it was not such a satisfying try.
I really wish I had done better>< especially with long poses
oh just a few pages out of my portfolio..

and oops=X was going to upload my poses too but i kinda lost the files some how..o_o

yep..pretty badd animal drawings there.T0T

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Animation Assignment One

This is the one I got worse on..the pendulum.T-T
Bahh..I need to do my best at the book thing ..and marine animal..which i almost just no idea how to yet
And i got so bad on my sphere i am still hating myself for it.Orz

Thats all from me now.
PS: oh and my painting one is the guys exiting a cave with river and water sort of things on display=D one of my friends thought..some guy going to moon?>.>

Hands and Feet

Glad that is done=D Though that was plenty of fun.
T_T Isnt so satisfied with my life drawing portfolio tho...Oh well, gotta do better and better>D

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Character Rotation

I am really not good with this class@_@ Needs most practice on creating characters...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In the beginning...

I don't have much works right now that I feel can be shown, so, I might as well post a pretty old animation I made during Grade 12 Animation Class (okey, not thattt long ago.XD but hopefully I can still be forgiven for all the mistakes here). It was one of my first flash animations ever, so it is something perfect to be shown in my first blog ever=)

I know for sure I will learn so much more about Animation that this one will look to me even worse in the future. XD But still, I hope you enjoy it v_v. And yep, that marks the end of my first post=)