Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lifedrawing sem.1 Portfolio

Last row is my portfolio..that I got back.o.o dont even know if I am missing any pieces. Life drawing is all the same anyways..this is best I can do right now. This just is.
What I have to work on is structure structure. Bringing it in while being expressive. And obviously you can tell which one the teacher is referring to on the last row.lol. For that I really have to study my muscles first. Atleast for portfolio I have to 'not lose too much structure' 'Just on the edge of control'..v_v

Let me see..what else is in my head that I can still remember...Slowing down at part where I don't know how to draw and study...Dont render whole thing but parts that is important...gah my brainnn...such bad memory.Orz [just watched memento yesterday.D: this is scaryyy noooo.]

Last bit...
Just a few costume I did with conte...for costume I just played in sketchbook most of time..but meh..took photos while going through others.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The one that marks the end of it all.

English!Yeah just glad that was done. Hope I didn't speak too fast again but whatever.
I really didn't achieve what I wanted in this painting..but I did what I can in three hours and as much time as I should be spending on Hissss projects. v_v Here it is anyways..

PS: ...such such an awful job on the girl sitting down.D:

End of semester one..

Nothing impressive to be shown..v_v trying and learning a variety of things.
Was going for a flat style and experimented with dry brushing=)..it may seem a lot less effort then what I usually do for my paintings but..meh maybe it is.But it was fun. Will go back to trying different things and a lot of things=D Flat and graphic is hard to do with gouache=____= espicially with paint easy to wipe off. sigh

And the final painting..yep. Similar style as above and the smallest painting I have ever done haha.

Overall I am still quite happy with it. I liked the colors=D But..its actually not as flat as it should be lol. Dry brushing is really fun and hard to control@_@ The layout itself is too simple for my liking..but that is also part of my not so epic, simple but long and with lil not so funny gags story.lol

Here s the leica of the story from above pictures? Leica is reallly fun.o_o It's the first thing we have done that goes on the big screens sort of, and to put together like a film.


PS: wow..screw tony and the -12 db thing. volume s so lowww!I tried turning it abit now..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Seeing angela's animatic I remembered mine,never uploaded it before.Dont judge haha


Am really bad with it..v_v

Random things

Cant believe I can actually get some drawings out of robotcop..

Random Original stuff

I like the good models<3

oh and Sketch Syndicate theme from last week, machinery=)

Thats it..I am late for class.xD