Sunday, October 31, 2010

Storyboard Assignments 1...

v__v I totally procrastinated on updating my blog..cause cause.. I have nothing I am proud of to update with.D:
My animation..I keep on forgetting to transfer it to my usb..and I need my camera to take pictures of my lifedrawings..dang it..well since we are not handing in our portfolios I shouldnt worry.o.o yepyep and my personal stuff is ugly..ya.v_v

Here is my storyboards now..from beats to the final boards
lots of pages.XD
-nothing to be proud of >.>- because i really think i cant draw..bahhh

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Forced Update

From China town.xD

lifedrawings again..-3- i need other things to update!Add Video

Friday, October 8, 2010

Second Year-Painting 1

So..the first 5 weeks of second year has already passed..and because of the amount of work we have due for week7. The first semester out of the four can be considered almost over...Can you believe that?D: Gahhh

Well anyhow..this project was really enjoyable..I enjoy painting...alot=)
I am not quite satisfied with the result since its kind of flat..but due to it being done in traditional media and regular would be hard to go back again unless I anyhow..lesson learned. I shall experiment with more colors next time too. I tried this go with the second one instead of the first out of my 5 color resulted in almost monotone.D: Well to me..ya..I guess it be considered somewhat of a mood..

Anyways..too much it goes:
PS: sorry if it may appear too much digitally altered with contrast@_@ everyone's screen might be different

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rest of that summer that flew simply flew by way too fast.
I finally decided to give my blog a little update, not that it lacks any more lifedrawing..Orz..coughcough
I need to do more original things..Whenever I have urges to draw things I would be doing work and whenever I have the time I can't think of anything.

Anyways..Here are just some experimental lifedrawing-paintings I did during the last weeks of summer I had after coming back form the cottage. I well used my advantage of being in Toronto and went to TSA as much as possible=) I should have practiced my conte more..but then again it was one of my only chances to paint some bit before school started=D here it goes...

Oh wait.first two be the new found soul animal of Toronto Zoo..the beloved camel

I did this gouache-watercolor thing for about..2-3 sessions? the time should be written beside them..if not just either 1 or 5 or 10 or 15..xD should be able to tell

Experimenting with different methods is fun..=) the only inking tool I did use was Indian ink with dip pen. And now on I got smarter and brought watercolor pads instead of painting in the awesome but have-to-wait-to-dry moleskin watercolor booklet.
They are much bigger now in real life..=3= I have barely anything to update..ah..gotta work work hard and have more free time to do own studies!! PS: like studying the muscles.T^T
Painting assignment number one should be up soon hopefully=D Being completed right now..

Now time to sleep..v_v
I need better scheduling too for my own well being..Orz