Friday, November 19, 2010

Lifedrawing sem.1

Time is usually spot-able somewhere on there..


2m-3m..clearly my favorite timeframe

5m.and misc that I clearly fail at.

So..lifedrawing. It has been a really confused beginning of lifedrawing so far. Feels like the year just started and I still need to get back to the swing of things... but half of the year has already gone by?! I feel like I have been really reallly lost as to what direction I am suppose to be going and what exactly I need to improve upon. I know I need to improve in so many areas, that's a fact..but what? Looking at these in disgust I know I can do so much better and I have to><

Maybe its because of how little class we have had or maybe I am too indecisive of a person..and maybe like what Ashlyn second year,we are given a lot of information. Muscles muscles..I want to know them, just like I want to do a lot of other drawings but..I am too Asian dangit.D: I gotta do my homework.Orz..even though I want to 'rest' and 'play'.aka just more drawing.T_T

Anyhow..I have decided..I will find time to study the muscles and learn the structure first before I try to explore style and other aspects of lifedrawing that I have been taught already and really wish I can do.v_v Maybe once in a while I can do that and have fun in lifedrawing...and draw whichever way I want...but...portfolio is coming so soon? and I don't even have enough time to go lifedrawing anymore.Baahhhhhh......second year.......sigh

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second Year- Painting 2

Well all this is still fresh in my memory..time to type up a small ramble about this painting newly finished..2 hours ago(shh..I felt accomplished and slacked off abit okey?D:)

Photoshop Edited Version

So I wish I more red all around the painting, which I did try to edit it in in the edited version but...don't think really that different.Spot the difference? Ya..I guess I got a bit lazy when I got to photoshop. Digital kinda just doesn't feel the same..wonder how I will do when digital painting comes around...(Edit: You know what..I am kinda of excited for digital too now..there are alot more things we can try to achieve with it that we can't do in traditional. well no. more like don't have the time to. But now there will be!)

Anyhow, I learned alot this painting, about how to paint watery. It is actually much harder.. For the parts where I wanted to keep white, Okey, I wash it off. But if I do that too many times there will be an ugly edge. And if I want to get rid of that...ya..lots of going over and washing it down..even though the end result seems simple. See, if it was opaque we could just add white paint and go over it. Gouache is awesome that way. But meh, I was going for a more moody effect.

Another thing I have to really think carefully l about is the lineart itself not being there after about one wash.o.o And really work out my layout ahead of time..especially if it were to be perspective heavy. I didn't care too much for this one because I wanted to focus on mood. I think that's what I really want to go for later on as well. Color keys for film and such would be fun=)

By the way...Stretching paper is just awesome..How did we ever paint with just taped down paper? The paper just magically stays flat every time after it drys! I am going to go buy a big stapler for sure just for this..(for my bunny stapler is really not up for complained to me when I used up a whole row of its teeth to simply stretch my color tonal test)

Should really get some animation done now..for tomorrow I must start storyboarding.

PS: this is kind of like my last year snow white room painting that failed. So i guess i sorta improved in a way?yay.xD

PSS:I just realized how little of style change it is for me>O Nooooo not enough experimenting. Should have slapped those ink on..>.>

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Royal Winter Fair 2010

Was happily painting until I realized tomorrow is my last chance to print at the print store if I want my portfolio to be colored and ready for monday morning class. So..other Class Ds...don't forget like I almost have.D:

Anyhow..the first three pages are what I am handing in..
Funny chickens that everyone know by now as title page.XD

How I wish I can draw even faster can capture poses that are not just these still non-interesting poses. Even though I wanted to be more stylized and to put in more character...but I realized without the knowledge and practices of drawing these animals..I really don't have the skills to>.<


Now..My page of goats or sheeps..XD I drew too many of them that day..but..I just love them<3 br="br">
Other animals that I am sorry I left out.v_v Lamas always look so cool.
And that random pig...I just liked that head I made up to put on him hehe.

The only other watercolor I did that day..v_v sigh

And favorite drawing of the day.xD Or more like my favorite baby boy of the day!!He was simply adorable with fashionable outfits too.XD haha.

The first one is of him getting scared by the (weird looking goat I drew in photoshop) as soon as he approached. Hope he don't start getting scared by sheeps now, well, they made up later so I am sure he will be fine<3 br="br">

Need to draw more!!
Back to painting ..

Monday, November 8, 2010

2nd Year Sheridan- Weight Lift andToss

Just taking the opportunity that my laptop is actually in Res right now and is actually capable of uploading videos..
Yep..mayybe I will finish it..maybe not.Sigh...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Oh so random..

a little car from the reference here
for my little brother.xD

weird trying to make it personal version that failed.v_v

That lost last year painting...

Even though the more I look at it now the more I dislike it.But due to how much time I did spend on it I have to update it..

This tonal was ...wayy too big and unnecessarily ..big..Orz. Don't ever do this. Deciding that size was my moment of blankness in my logic I swear..The only thing I got from doing that was graphite on my hands for many hours and Maureen likeing it.v_v

Without character..

And with...the bladly rendered one..sorta tried to fix it in photoshop but didn't bother.

The only part I actually like.v_v
I just really don't like the overall composition now..and the fail faill waterfalls...
I suppose if it was a camera pan it might be okey..choosing just the certain parts of the composition that i do like..>.>

Anyhow..this shall be the Saturday update=)