Saturday, November 6, 2010

That lost last year painting...

Even though the more I look at it now the more I dislike it.But due to how much time I did spend on it I have to update it..

This tonal was ...wayy too big and unnecessarily ..big..Orz. Don't ever do this. Deciding that size was my moment of blankness in my logic I swear..The only thing I got from doing that was graphite on my hands for many hours and Maureen likeing it.v_v

Without character..

And with...the bladly rendered one..sorta tried to fix it in photoshop but didn't bother.

The only part I actually like.v_v
I just really don't like the overall composition now..and the fail faill waterfalls...
I suppose if it was a camera pan it might be okey..choosing just the certain parts of the composition that i do like..>.>

Anyhow..this shall be the Saturday update=)

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