Thursday, November 11, 2010

Royal Winter Fair 2010

Was happily painting until I realized tomorrow is my last chance to print at the print store if I want my portfolio to be colored and ready for monday morning class. So..other Class Ds...don't forget like I almost have.D:

Anyhow..the first three pages are what I am handing in..
Funny chickens that everyone know by now as title page.XD

How I wish I can draw even faster can capture poses that are not just these still non-interesting poses. Even though I wanted to be more stylized and to put in more character...but I realized without the knowledge and practices of drawing these animals..I really don't have the skills to>.<


Now..My page of goats or sheeps..XD I drew too many of them that day..but..I just love them<3 br="br">
Other animals that I am sorry I left out.v_v Lamas always look so cool.
And that random pig...I just liked that head I made up to put on him hehe.

The only other watercolor I did that day..v_v sigh

And favorite drawing of the day.xD Or more like my favorite baby boy of the day!!He was simply adorable with fashionable outfits too.XD haha.

The first one is of him getting scared by the (weird looking goat I drew in photoshop) as soon as he approached. Hope he don't start getting scared by sheeps now, well, they made up later so I am sure he will be fine<3 br="br">

Need to draw more!!
Back to painting ..


  1. "Need to draw more!!" - Don't we all. Love the watercolors.

  2. I absolutely love the chickens on your title page!