Saturday, November 13, 2010

Second Year- Painting 2

Well all this is still fresh in my memory..time to type up a small ramble about this painting newly finished..2 hours ago(shh..I felt accomplished and slacked off abit okey?D:)

Photoshop Edited Version

So I wish I more red all around the painting, which I did try to edit it in in the edited version but...don't think really that different.Spot the difference? Ya..I guess I got a bit lazy when I got to photoshop. Digital kinda just doesn't feel the same..wonder how I will do when digital painting comes around...(Edit: You know what..I am kinda of excited for digital too now..there are alot more things we can try to achieve with it that we can't do in traditional. well no. more like don't have the time to. But now there will be!)

Anyhow, I learned alot this painting, about how to paint watery. It is actually much harder.. For the parts where I wanted to keep white, Okey, I wash it off. But if I do that too many times there will be an ugly edge. And if I want to get rid of that...ya..lots of going over and washing it down..even though the end result seems simple. See, if it was opaque we could just add white paint and go over it. Gouache is awesome that way. But meh, I was going for a more moody effect.

Another thing I have to really think carefully l about is the lineart itself not being there after about one wash.o.o And really work out my layout ahead of time..especially if it were to be perspective heavy. I didn't care too much for this one because I wanted to focus on mood. I think that's what I really want to go for later on as well. Color keys for film and such would be fun=)

By the way...Stretching paper is just awesome..How did we ever paint with just taped down paper? The paper just magically stays flat every time after it drys! I am going to go buy a big stapler for sure just for this..(for my bunny stapler is really not up for complained to me when I used up a whole row of its teeth to simply stretch my color tonal test)

Should really get some animation done now..for tomorrow I must start storyboarding.

PS: this is kind of like my last year snow white room painting that failed. So i guess i sorta improved in a way?yay.xD

PSS:I just realized how little of style change it is for me>O Nooooo not enough experimenting. Should have slapped those ink on..>.>

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