Friday, November 19, 2010

Lifedrawing sem.1

Time is usually spot-able somewhere on there..


2m-3m..clearly my favorite timeframe

5m.and misc that I clearly fail at.

So..lifedrawing. It has been a really confused beginning of lifedrawing so far. Feels like the year just started and I still need to get back to the swing of things... but half of the year has already gone by?! I feel like I have been really reallly lost as to what direction I am suppose to be going and what exactly I need to improve upon. I know I need to improve in so many areas, that's a fact..but what? Looking at these in disgust I know I can do so much better and I have to><

Maybe its because of how little class we have had or maybe I am too indecisive of a person..and maybe like what Ashlyn second year,we are given a lot of information. Muscles muscles..I want to know them, just like I want to do a lot of other drawings but..I am too Asian dangit.D: I gotta do my homework.Orz..even though I want to 'rest' and 'play'.aka just more drawing.T_T

Anyhow..I have decided..I will find time to study the muscles and learn the structure first before I try to explore style and other aspects of lifedrawing that I have been taught already and really wish I can do.v_v Maybe once in a while I can do that and have fun in lifedrawing...and draw whichever way I want...but...portfolio is coming so soon? and I don't even have enough time to go lifedrawing anymore.Baahhhhhh......second year.......sigh


  1. Looking at these in disgust I know I can do so much better and I have to><

    ^ so true. as in, i know you can do much better, and i feel the same as you toward my drawings.....
    wow this post doesnt make me look foward to 2nd year...but work hard be an asian, i know you can do it