Friday, December 30, 2011

Seems like an update was needed...

A lot of it is old..even for the end of semester portfolio, it had been so busy that alot of pieces came form the previous update, and I didn't even bother updating here...and..etc.etc..

I had done things that is not posted here but nonetheless..looking at these I know I still need to do alot more things I intended to do this winter break. A week left!

Studies from Julie and Julia
I simply enjoyed the colors of the movie. Really rushed a few of them..sorry to the screen captures=(

Study from today..

Only a few that I am still kind of proud of right now..
Nothing I would have updated on blog for if it wasn't end of 2011 already...and that I havn't updated in a while it seems.
Hopefully I can come up with something better tomorrow (today)..if not.

Happy new years guys=)

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  1. Julie and Julia work look great, that movie is always enjoyable.