Friday, November 18, 2011

It's all life....

Compared to what I have seen others have done so far...need so much more practice. Especially horses! Though I did not stay there long enough, had too much fun coloring colorful sheep. This was done afterwards, however I had a lot of fun with it. As well as this random thing haha:

Recent gouache painting as well as life acrylics and oil painting has really made me want to paint thick again. Something about applying those paint makes me happy. something can't be felt painting digitally.

Though the inspirational books Tim brought in today didn't help on changing my mind on switching up gears and switching from watercolor to something else....

In the order of attempts, none I'd really consider half successful yet. Maybe if I want to get to the stage that I would like to with these would require more then just 3 hours..but still..I think I keep on going at it!

Does anyone remember the names of some of those artists Tim brought book s of today? Other then Andrew Wyeth...and..ahh.D: or any inspirational watercolor artists.

Now..I should go sleep. But this is what I planned to do today even though not this late=( but cant help but keep to plans!!>: Last bit some more life drawing stuff=)

Done on tracing paper...half of them old wrinkly one too, haha.

And after being allowed to use nupastels opened up such wide variety of options and fun explorations and effects! Though probably should still draw myself back a little and don't forget the anatomy..don't have too much fun...teehee...


  1. wow i really like the effect of the last three done in blue! especially the second last one!

  2. I like the pastel drawings, and the watercolor paintings, and the blue drawings. Nice stuff as always Elaine.

  3. i scroll whole you blog Elaine! amazing art! )) keep it up ^__^ and thank you for visit and comment ))

  4. some good stuff...i like the drawing of debbie at the very top.

  5. Great Epic sketchy stuff!! :D nice painting, elaine!