Friday, March 2, 2012

The most beautiful of today

I need to do this more often
Just walk by myself and think
I had a purpose and was doing work in my head,
but it was so relaxing that there was no pressure to it

To notice the beauty around you, to hear the murmurs
To feel the rumble underneath your feet from passing cars
To listen to the wind and to taste the raindrops on your lips
Just weightless thoughts freely floating by
I couldn't keep the smile off my face
It was a good moment. To care for nothing at just that moment.

After my walk I sat outside under the pavilion of our yard
It was cold and drizzling so slightly, but the air was fresh and the darkness was beautiful.

... ...

I think fresh air is the most revitalizing thing there could ever be.
I think I have found my cure to all my future depression, sadness, up and downs... if any at all.
I would die if one day we had not this air to breath,
please at least let that stay.

I think the first one moves, click on it=)

Even then this could not capture what beauty it was to be there and watch it fly in the wind. How I wish I had my camera with me too, not just my eyes. But that was enough.
It was the wind showing itself with light you know?
Like a glowing lantern swinging and swing....

(holy..long ramble hahhaa. I am no writer so forgive me)


  1. So serene!! I hope I can get that experience often! :)

  2. here's to the little things in life :) good job Elaine.