Monday, March 19, 2012

Aimless voyage.

While I was titling this thing I was debating between (very cliche)
Voyage or The Little Sailor.
Either way, this was a little voyage for me for sure.
It's really almost aimless because......why? Haha, I don't even know.
It's really not that great...would need so much more planning and research and etcetc...
It was just fun=) Yep. Like a break for myself.
Inspired by Reina's pastel boards. Made me start at it too..

I almost had done everything in pastel though..that would have taken even longer.
Thanks to Jessica....v_v

San Bernardo by -Eric Satie


  1. awww so cute!! and so much work!

    thumbs up!

  2. hey good job! wish the end was a bit longer

  3. nice work! and i love the reveal at the end, nice touch

  4. Cool!

    Also, I've always secretly wanted to play the piano like that too. Nice short.