Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Theme Character Design

This project did take longer then it should. Mostly due to both portfolio week and 24hour film..and me really trying to figure out how to draw distinctive face. And still havn't figured that one out yet.
But I enjoyed the project overall=D Time periods are espicially fun to study and shall do more of this. Can be very very useful

I tried to do more o f a graphic style this time..I just hope it doesnt fall too much under 'no structure and no style' lol. I wish the lines are even thicker but..oh well, my hands are starting to hurt.

Oh and go to the screening guys, for our beloved and almost died making 24hour film! Next friday!


  1. Incredible!!! I LOVE the tiger!! honestly fantastic job Elaine!!

  2. These characters look great! I think the graphic style works really well. It was nice to meet you the other day (I'm Dan's girlfriend).

  3. so cute! I love your tiger character :)

  4. LOL why do everyone like my weird looking tiger.xD

    @Nicole: It was nice to meet you too! Sorry we weren't able to talk for long..I forgot why..hmm

    anyhow..Thanks guys<3