Sunday, March 27, 2011

All those animals

I wanted my full page of birds!!.D: I need moree
Likelike..I wanted a wholllle page of them. There wasn't as many birds as I remembered..nor did I have time to capture more of their beauty. And I sort of went too slow with them and not like how I originally wanted them to be, more loose and quick..but anyhow.

Here is another bird in another style for I didn't quite draw it from staring at it..awkward pose I know=P

The polar bear is back=D I would animate this if I could. It was walking back and forth in those poses..they were really fun=)

They are animals? Yeah they are.o.o lol. Experiments experiments only..
Not the best life drawings for sure.

Now my official Zoo pages..not as proud of of course.
But they were fun too 8)

And last but not least..A random drawing of, you know.., from portfolio day.XD


  1. really beautiful drawings Elaine! I really love the little monkey on your gestures page, its great! its expressed so well with so few lines and just a bit of colour! neat :)