Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lifedrawing sem.1 Portfolio

Last row is my portfolio..that I got back.o.o dont even know if I am missing any pieces. Life drawing is all the same anyways..this is best I can do right now. This just is.
What I have to work on is structure structure. Bringing it in while being expressive. And obviously you can tell which one the teacher is referring to on the last row.lol. For that I really have to study my muscles first. Atleast for portfolio I have to 'not lose too much structure' 'Just on the edge of control'..v_v

Let me see..what else is in my head that I can still remember...Slowing down at part where I don't know how to draw and study...Dont render whole thing but parts that is important...gah my brainnn...such bad memory.Orz [just watched memento yesterday.D: this is scaryyy noooo.]

Last bit...
Just a few costume I did with conte...for costume I just played in sketchbook most of time..but meh..took photos while going through others.


  1. looks really good elaine i cant believe u did a full body ecorche haha crazy!! i really like ur line quality