Friday, December 17, 2010

End of semester one..

Nothing impressive to be shown..v_v trying and learning a variety of things.
Was going for a flat style and experimented with dry brushing=) may seem a lot less effort then what I usually do for my paintings but..meh maybe it is.But it was fun. Will go back to trying different things and a lot of things=D Flat and graphic is hard to do with gouache=____= espicially with paint easy to wipe off. sigh

And the final painting..yep. Similar style as above and the smallest painting I have ever done haha.

Overall I am still quite happy with it. I liked the colors=D But..its actually not as flat as it should be lol. Dry brushing is really fun and hard to control@_@ The layout itself is too simple for my liking..but that is also part of my not so epic, simple but long and with lil not so funny gags

Here s the leica of the story from above pictures? Leica is reallly fun.o_o It's the first thing we have done that goes on the big screens sort of, and to put together like a film.


PS: wow..screw tony and the -12 db thing. volume s so lowww!I tried turning it abit now..

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