Friday, October 8, 2010

Second Year-Painting 1

So..the first 5 weeks of second year has already passed..and because of the amount of work we have due for week7. The first semester out of the four can be considered almost over...Can you believe that?D: Gahhh

Well anyhow..this project was really enjoyable..I enjoy painting...alot=)
I am not quite satisfied with the result since its kind of flat..but due to it being done in traditional media and regular would be hard to go back again unless I anyhow..lesson learned. I shall experiment with more colors next time too. I tried this go with the second one instead of the first out of my 5 color resulted in almost monotone.D: Well to me..ya..I guess it be considered somewhat of a mood..

Anyways..too much it goes:
PS: sorry if it may appear too much digitally altered with contrast@_@ everyone's screen might be different


  1. beautiful concept sketches Elaine, the final is nice too :)

  2. awesome color study and final work!! idea is really cool too!! there are some people from sheriden here! i wonder how you are doing there!

  3. really awesome elaine, I like your painting style and I love your concept for this one

  4. Thanks guys=)

    I am doing pretty good here in Sheridan=D Enjoying it very much..i wonder how you are too eusong!want to go visit some day+_+