Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer so far...

Trips to china..then off to work soon. It has been quite a busy and packed summer.
Trip was awesome of course..but work was tiring. The only times I find I relax with drawing and painting=) Still....too much realism..T^T i need to work on ..driving away from it.

Still some weeks left and with no work..I must go to lifedrawing and zoo. Though still need some time to relax @_@

Anyhow, can't wait for school to start!


  1. Elaine, those paintings are unreal, keep it up....and could you please give me some tips while you are at it?

  2. your paintings are just.....W.O.W. :O
    And your chinese writing!! sooo cuteeee haha!!XD
    and yay for updates!=D

  3. Unreal?what?xD lol
    I really don't know any tips that may be useful. I simply enjoy painting slowly and feeling it out...

    And shhhhh Becca..=X My Chinese sucks .D: It's like a Grade 3 writing's really bad>.<

  4. Yeah they're soooo freakin good, can't wait to see your final for our exterior assignment! I guess I should try painting slow sometime.