Friday, March 8, 2013

Film Colors


It was actually very early on that I did these. Seeing that the release time for the film is coming up, I can put up more and more teasers. I really wish I had more time to experiment and do things like thes traditionally, but sadly that is not the case. This was still one of my favorite steps of working on the film.

I think this color experiment card below is still sitting on my desk somewhere.... yep.It folds into a nice little card! Hehe, Enjoy!


  1. Nice work!! Experimenting is the best part!

  2. Hey Elaine! Nice this work, can you tell me where this will be used in the film? This studies help to see the visual dev of the film? Can you tell more about it?

    1. Thanks Estevao! This was really helpful to me seeing the color is a major part of my film, at least I depended on it a lot to provoke the mood that I want. And doing these color script and quick tests of the overall flow of the colors of the film is a quick way to preview it. Wanted to see how each scene's color was going to flow into the next.

      And of course there is tons of possibilities, I could have explored way more color themes then these. But I just did these few tries and variations.the instinctual colors I see my film in)

      Hope that explains it=)

  3. Your work is very nice, and these color studies are interesting to watch
    thank you for sharing :)