Monday, December 24, 2012

Eternal Sunshine and Merry Christmas

 Since I have started painting from this movie till now, finally calling it done has been over a month now. It was more fun then pure studying. Roughly from 10-15 min per. Even though I tell myself to do it 5-10...I doubt I did that so.

I also have to say this has been one of my favorite movie watched this year. Mainly because I connected with the main character and love anything to do with memories. And they are just too sweet of a couple! I love Clementine, so, here is some little fanart for the season. (had much better concepts maybe I will do in the future, I might just look too obsessed then.)

Merry Christmas guys! See you next time I post...which I can't promise when.


  1. awesome studies!! I can picture the whole movie from them : D

  2. great color studies! wish you best of luck in 2013! :)