Thursday, October 18, 2012

In need of title

Just a quick character lineup, color looks different on my laptop so slapped the cheesy orange on just now :P And some really rough layout right there. haha wasn't done all that quickly because I have so many characters....but it's fun. I am really enjoying making this film right now. I have to explore way way more, this isn't even me exploring really, just sketched and thought might as well slap some color underneath. I was having a hard time figuring out whether or not I had a style with these designs or if I liked them at all, but thought... this is the most natural way I draw I think? So here it is... the design pretty much set? What do you think?

Now, for those of you who saw my leika, I need a title. So far I have Paperwall (too much like paperman), Ours (a bit awkward? but I like some sort of meaning like it), I really don't know just yet..I know it will come but..not good with words, maybe some of you are :) Oh and pleaseee if you have any feedback for me give me a shout =( Still working on the story here and there~ that'll never stop it seems..haha

Either way, enjoy your reading week or just...week!
PS: I know..I keep on seeing 'in need of life' too...suppose that's true too


  1. Great characters! They look like a fun bunch!

  2. lovely story! can't wait to see your final film, Elaine!

  3. the characters look interesting! I can't wait to see your film Elaine! (no pressure no pressure!)