Saturday, August 18, 2012


These two would be my first ever larger watercolor/gouache paintings (bottom one first, top one done on a separate sheet and left with my aunt's house as a thanks to having me I suppose haha) . just 8 1/2 by 11" but they still took me quite a while. I need to learn how to simplify at where is necessary at plein air. I have stay I do enjoy the smaller sizes a lot more, could get so much more beautiful sights in. But if you have happen to have an afternoon with time to spare and just sit down and relax with some music in the sun, these could be a nice change once in a while.=)


  1. They're SO GOODDD you're always good but these have so much improvement!!

  2. These are beautiful! Maybe try to put more time into the areas of focus and keep the areas of shadow loose if you want to speed up your studies.

    1. Speed is definitely something I wanted to work on, I kind of find everything so intriguing that I do get lost in them.haha

      Thanks for the feedback though! I appreciate it