Friday, February 17, 2012

With your imagination or no?

with or without? What do you think? (or a in between.haha..)

Hm not a great piece now that I am done, I feel like there is so much more things I could adjust with it when I have the will power to just to make it at all decent..what are some things you can think of right off the bat I should change?
Critiques appreciated!

Anyhow, just some of my life drawings from this semester for now.
Costume life drawings are so much fun..especially for the ones I get to paint hehee.
Slowly chewing away at this project..


  1. Nice drawings Elaine.. I think with...the pose is a little stiff when its just him and the broom.

  2. maybe just have the flower in his mouth but the broom in his arms lol love it :)