Sunday, April 24, 2011

Final Painting..

So here it comes down to.the last projected that wrapped up my second year. Our precious most beloved second year that is now over ...=( I don't know what I should be expecting next year, but whatever it is. I am not ready now. But I will be. Or try to.

All this above process was done within the spam of a week and painted over one night. One of the quickest I have done. But non-the-less, I am glad I did. As you can see, the layout I had done for my final layout assignment, which was worked on over a longer period of time, isnt that great. I would keep on making excuses and blaming on Rome, but, I can't. I had fun with both and I am glad.

-insert video here when it does upload finally..Orz-

Learned a lot from doing this shot test, and I wish we had done more...would have been more beneficial then cleaning up the final =(

Anyhow, trying to paint irregularly but still pretty orderly doesn't really make sense as I say it right now..and is kinda hard. I will have to play with that..

Have a great great summer anyways, rest of you!

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