Monday, January 31, 2011

Muscle memory..

memorize those muscles@_@
I hope I do not forget them..or actually..I wish I can manage them even better before I head into costumes and shading and all that. Drill them into ma brainz.D: But I will make sure I work on that on my own times. (last one is the one I handed in for exam=P) Mean are a few of the drawings I picked out. out of the drawings I picked out over the last few weeks and half I look in displease now...aha;;

Lots of info to process through my brain. geez my brain needs a break=-=+ Have been having trouble sleeping these days..brain thinks too much

And the first shading drawing out of my official first shading class.XD The only one I sorttttt of like..but really. I still dont like the style..I gotta find my own approach soon Yepp

Ps: hmmm Ice-cap..

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