Saturday, April 3, 2010

Caricature I

My first official batch of serious caricature attempts. yes.very serious.
So serious that they have became portraits in the end..Orz
Its kinda sad how my first one is the least of them all that is close to portraits and one of by bests. I handed in the other one of Reina that is now with mark...but ya, here is ...(let s just guess their names xD)

PS: not that i never tried caricature before..but they were really just 2 second attempts..this time atleast it was 10 minutes just as failure attempts..D: one thing atleast is that they look like you guys?....

PS: edit
now that i really look at it..i really should have handed in Didi's...mark would totally have liked that more and maybe go on the wall...but ya.not a whole big deal nowxD


  1. Haha....these are awesome...but I don't see me in the one of did of me :X Nadia and Ibrahim are my favs tho

  2. what..D: you are right there! xD

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOODDDDDDDD all of themmmm wowwww al looks like a tranny LOLLLLLLLLLLLL