Friday, March 26, 2010

Painting Updates Two

Two mood painting that did not turn out so well.Mostly the concept part..but ya.

And this would be the Fictional Planet assignment from Semester Two
It was suggested that if the two lightbulbs werent there it would be better.XD Since i simply edited them in photoshop with regular photoshop totally doesnt fit..but this is just helping me to debate whether or not i should in fact cover them on the original with gauche..hmm

And here would be that texture assignment..Lots of work was done[like all the other painting that took way too long then it should>.>] and i learned many new things about gauche from this that would have saved so much of my time..Orz is my too lazy to scan big update of my painting assignments.xD I have lots to learn..


  1. wahhh you're so good at painting elaine. TwT i am jealous!

    they look really good. *w* i can't wait to see more haha.

  2. i just saw them on renren
    i love the first mood painting!
    you already did so many amazing painting and just in first year~!

  3. Your paintings are ridiculous Elaine. I like the Ficto planet one without the spot light though. Even your little thumbnails are awesome!

  4. Thanks everyone>.<
    I really need to go back and fix that spotlight..haha.xD still havn't got around to it